May dances for ANC to endorse massacre of White farmers

Earlier this month, the deeply unpopular British Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May, visited the terror state of South Africa to show her solidarity with the racist regime of the African National Congress (ANC).

White farmers are suffering in their thousands at the hands of government-backed Black gangs targeting them for the colour of their skin and to steal their property and equipment.

For years, as the BNP has reported, this has been taking place.

White farmers, their wives and children are being tortured and massacred in ways so extremely brutal and horrific, I refuse to describe them here.

Last month, the Marxist, Black-run ANC, announced that it is now officially implementing the policy of forcing White farmers from their centuries-old family-run farms and land without compensation.

Theresa May’s constant virtue signalling and self-proclaimed moral authority is enough to induce one to vomit.

She dropped the bar to the lowest level possible when she agreed to meet with the criminal ANC leader, before dancing and prostrating herself before him – while his government goons were out butchering White farmers and their families. 

The rotten old Establishment agenda is ignoring the suffering of White people precisely because they’re White.

The BNP fights for what’s right, that’s why we’re taking up this Cause to pile on as much pressure as we possibly can to make the British government take action.

Best believe too, that the BNP punches WELL above its weight owing to the fact that the Establishment is terrified of the British people saying ‘enough is enough’ and turning to us – the ‘far-right’ BNP – Britain’s only genuinely popularist nationalist political alternative.

I know I can rely on your help to make this happen.

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Fighting for you,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman



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