Is May a Brexit saboteur?

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There’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds – Theresa May is actively sabotaging Brexit!

Theresa May sided with the Remain campaign in the run up to the Brexit referendum last June.

Her side having lost, she then took on the leadership of the Conservative Party and the position of Prime Minister by default after rival contenders dropped out of the race.

So there we have it, a Remainer negotiating and setting the terms for Leaving.

Curious enough, but the plot gets thicker.

With a firm grip on the reins of government, Theresa May then called for a General Election, an entirely unnecessary move mystifying onlookers and political pundits alike.

Up against a universally media-ridiculed bearded commie at the head of the Labour Party, May then managed to spectacularly slash her lead in the polls through a series of bad judgements including announcing what became known as the ‘dementia tax’, vocally stating that she would bring back fox hunting, and refusing to take part in a televised debate with other party leaders.

Logic would dictate that May, by calling this snap General Election, was attempting to secure a ‘genuine’ mandate for Prime Minister by actually winning an election while increasing the Conservative’s majority in parliament.

By taking advantage of the people’s will for the government to get on with Brexit and by gaining ground while the Labour Party appeared to be weak, May’s gamble looked to be in her favour.

Then her disastrous election campaign ensued.

Ultimately, May’s gamble was a catastrophic error in judgement.

The Conservatives took heavy losses and lost their overall majority, reducing them to the embarrassing position of having to strike a deal with the little known DUP of Northern Ireland with its ten MPs.

Alarm bells also sounded after it was revealed that May had attended a series of meetings with globalist financial group Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs was one of the biggest donors to the Remain campaign in the run-up to last June’s referendum and clearly intends to ‘work’ with the Prime Minister in forcing her hand to deliver the softest Brexit possible – or scrap the entire thing altogether.

It all sounds feasible, however, the reality appears to be arguably more alarming – Theresa May has no clue what she is doing, and she’s typical of Britain’s entire political class.

The verdict: No conspiracy, just staggering arrogance, and incompetence, the like of which epitomises the British political class.



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