PM May calls snap general election

Theresa May has today called for General Elections to take place on 8th June.

The surprise call comes as the Conservatives are riding high in opinion polls at the expense of Jeremy Corbyn’s decimated, extremist Labour Party.

Following the triggering of Article 50 last month, Theresa May has garnered support for making good on her promise to deliver Brexit.

Her steadfast stance on Gibraltar also suggests she’s not going to concede to the bleats from limp-wristed Europhiles for ‘Brexit-light’.

With the election too of President Trump, May is looking to have her term in office affirmed to shore up her position when striking deals with the US.

MPs will now vote on whether or not the Prime Minister’s proposed date is to be accepted.

The Conservatives currently have more MPs in Parliament than all the other political parties combined but May needs two-thirds of the vote.

May is looking to secure a clear mandate for her term as Prime Minister having assumed the position after her disgraced predecessor, David Cameron, resigned, instead of being elected to the position.

May’s decisive move could well prove a master-stroke given that the extremely narrow window of seven weeks between now and proposed election will significantly hinder preparations and campaigns for all other political parties to mount effective competition in many seats across the country.

Deluded? Old-chool bearded leftie, Jeremy Corbyn, thinks his far-left Labour Party can make significant gains against the Tories, while media pundits suggest he could cost Labour 100 seats.



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