May is playing a cunning game

Her speech naturally said nothing which could not be manipulated according to the whims of those factions who “empower” her today.

She openly tells the EU we don’t want the single market yet she has given no specifics, thereby leaving the door open for them to negotiate a deal.

She has not said we are leaving the Customs Union, again leaving the door open and she has not quoted any specifics on immigration, again leaving the door open for negotiation of numbers.

Basically she won’t commit to anything set in stone and has proved it.

She is still playing to corporate audiences to say, this is our “intended” direction but we are open to offers!

She’s still trying to desperately straddle the fence while appearing not to do so.

The LibLabCon pro EU coalition lives on and still operates under the agenda that baffles the brain.

It is the colonisation of the English language by a lunatic ideology.






Literally every single leftist buzzword under the sun in one speech. These are our ‘conservative’ politicians.

In her speech, there are at least 4 elephants in the room!

May wants “some kind of Customs Union.”

The final agreement will have to be passed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords and, finally, it will have to be approved by the European Parliament!

We all know that the European Parliament is merely a rubber-stamp organisation and that the real Power is the EU Commission, so how that will work out?

We may as well agree that through May’s wishy washy approach to ending our membership of the EU, our NHS is now officially dead in the water as immigrants continue to pile in and more and more hospitals continue to shut down.

Our schools will be like Third World schools with kids sitting on the floor surrounding a teacher with a piece of chalk board in her hands and no school books whilst she tries to explain to her 60 plus non-English speaking students what town they are living in and hospitals where people lie around on trolleys for days and days whilst they die in their hundreds.

As for housing? Cardboard city will be the new upcoming name for our new housing estates!

In other words; Britain will remain under globalist occupation.



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