Corbyn or May – do we care?

As is so often the case with us nationalists, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when deciding a favourite to take the role of Prime Minister.

Allow me to retract that phrase because neither of these candidates from the political class campaigning for the British premiership can be described as either a ‘rock’ or a ‘hard place’ on any political issue which lies within the interests of British people.

Straining the term, the contender for the ‘hard place’ candidate would be bearded commie Jeremy Corbyn for his bullish praise and endorsement of terror organisations committed to the destruction of Britain and the deaths of British people.

A Sinn Fein collaborator and unrelenting apologist for the IRA, he’s committed all the more to the betrayal of Britain by handing over the Falkland Islands to Argentina.

Last year, after the media attacked him for his comments, Corbyn eventually resorted to announcing his regret at calling the Islamist groups Hezbollah and Hamas as his “friends”.

Just the other day he lavished more praise on Hezbollah calling them ““serious and hard-working”.

It’s enough to make any safety-conscious Jew in Britain pack his family’s bags and head for an uncertain future in Israel.

Sadly, we Brits don’t have an Israel, nor will white people ever be permitted one.

If we lose our native island homeland, that’s the final chapter in our glorious historical record written, done and dusted.

Earlier this week, Corbyn’s ex-lover and gaff-prone hypocrite Shadow Secretary, Diane Abbott, was confronted by the BBC’s Andrew Marr with a paper listing the terror organisations she’s failed to condemn and proscribe.

She refused to even acknowledge the paper that he tried passing to her.

Pressed further, she attempted some verbal fancy footwork only to stumble by claiming she deemed them “dissidents rather than terror organisations”.

One of which was Al-Qaeda.

So Abbott was WOEFULLY wrong, but since when has being wrong on everything made the career politician realise they’re not up to the job?

Abbott’s built her entire political career on race baiting.

The British “invented racism” she once quipped, apparently overlooking the fact that her Jamaican father and West African mother both chose to leave their countries to take up citizenship in what she today called “one of the most fundamentally racist nations” while hundreds of millions of non-whites the world over want to come here to benefit from everything we Brits have built.

They often say it needs to get worse before it gets better, with pollsters today predicting Mr Corbyn taking 10 Downing Street in next week’s General Election, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.



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