Blair returns to fight popularism

Tony Blair has announced that he will pour almost £10Million of his ill-gotten fortune into a new non-profit organisation to combat ‘popularism’.

Seemingly oblivious to just how toxic the Blair name is to ordinary Brits after two terms of illegitimate warmongering and unprecedented levels of mass immigration into Britain, the ex-PM is to set up the Tony Blair Institute (TBI) as a counter measure to ensure the repeat of events such as “the political earthquakes in the UK with Brexit and with the American election” cannot derail the globalist agenda.

In this context, ‘poplularism’ is generally defined to be a political movement outside and independent of the Establishment.

The £9.3Million was put up by Windrush Ventures which previously ran Mr Blair’s dubious business interests.

According to Mr Blair, TBI is not a think tank but a forum for crafting a “fresh agenda for the centre ground” and was “founded with the purpose of making globalisation work for all.”

“Its objectives include helping countries alleviate poverty, raising people’s standards of living, fostering religious and cultural tolerance and advancing peace and reconciliation.”

In other words the same claptrap trotted out each time to ‘justify’ globalist interference around the world to advance the interests of international big business and banking.

The British National Party has always been at the core of the popularist movement in Britain.

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