The BNP has met with a Japanese film crew to assist in their production of a documentary on the Brexit victory.

Earlier this week, BNP Chairman Adam Walker, joined by BNP National Spokesman David Furness and several BNP Councillors including Cllr Richard Perry and Cllr Tina Gentry, met with the film crew at a hotel venue in sunny Essex.

Filming was surprisingly fun,” Adam told British Nationalist following the meeting.

We discussed our ‘Out of the EU campaign’ that the BNP has run since our party’s formation in 1982.

Freeing Britain from the increasingly dictatorial and tyrannical EU remains one of our founding aims.

In that time, the BNP inspired an entire anti-EU movement which culminated in finally giving the British people our say on Britain’s membership of the European Union, a seismic event which resulted in a hammer blow to the Europhile out-of-touch political elite, their media and their fawning millionaire ’celebs’ – the whole rotten Establishment.

The film crew were fascinated by the way the BNP have always fought the corrupt system, been slandered, lied about and persecuted every step of the way, yet we stood firm and beat them.

It wasn’t all politics, though.

Our accomplished British Army Veteran Chairman stunned the Japanese visitors with his knowledge of Japanese culture and traditions. They were particularly impressed that he holds a Third Dan Black Belt in Kyokushinkai Karate – a deadly martial art he mastered during the six years he lived in Japan.

The documentary will be aired on Japanese television and, with permission, featured on the BNP website and here on Facebook.

The rotten political Establishment in Britain is now on the back foot. They have exposed themselves for not only being wrong on everything but having lied about everything too.

They’re more desperate than ever to hide the fact that, in contrast, the BNP have been proven to be right on absolutely everything.

It’s a fact that more objective foreign media outlets have picked up on.

With requests for interviews from Norway, Russia, Greece and New Zealand, just to name a few, there’s plenty more in the pipeline.



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