Blair – People must rise up over leaving EU

War criminal and Remain loser Tony Blair has called for the British people to “rise up” and overthrow the democratic vote to leave the European Union.

Ignoring the fact that the majority of the British electorate voted to Leave the European Union, backed then by a landslide vote by MPs in the House of Commons, his latest incitement of social disorder is proof that his agenda is that of globalist billionaires.

Echoing the arrogance of other career Europhile politicians, Blair insulted the British people by making the accusation that we didn’t know what we were doing when voting to Leave.

“People voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit,” he told a conference held by Bloomberg News.

“Blair’s hubris knows no bounds,” stated BNP Chairman Adam Walker.

“His legacy of lies in attempting to justify his criminal foreign wars has resulted in plunging the Middle East into a howling wilderness of sectarian violence, atrocities and an explosion of hate.

“Quite who he thinks he represents is anyone’s guess.

“His legacy of purposefully flooding Britain with migrants is one of the darkest periods in modern British history.

“This man is committed to the destruction of the British nation.

“Every word he utters should be treated with the utmost suspicion and any cause he champions should recognised for what it is, an attempt to destroy Britain.”

The British National Party began the Out of the EU campaign in 1982, going on to inspire an entire trans-party political movement.

With the Brexit vote, the BNP came one step further toward achieving one of its founding aims, and with the government reasserting its commitment to leaving the EU, the BNP is set for victory.

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