UK bargaining power is stronger than the government would have the public believe. The EU WILL USE Britain’s 1Million ex-pats as bargaining chips.

Nicola Sturgeon, Remain campaigners, and some so-called Vote Leave campaigners have been trying to pressurise the government to give an automatic right to remain to EU citizens already in the UK. 

The government and media have ignored the Irish factor in all the stats. When Irish citizens in the UK and UK citizens in Ireland are taken into account, the BNP estimates the real figures are 962,500 UK nationals in the EU and 2,915,00 EU nationals are in the UK.

With all due respect to the Irish, they should be taken out of the equation as no matter what happens, Irish nationals enjoyed a special status in the UK as do UK citizens in Ireland, before both countries even joined the EEC. Furthermore, many of the 411,000 UK citizens in Ireland, would also be Irish citizens, by virtue of many having an Irish parent as they are children of Irish immigrants who have returned to their ancestral homeland.

The BNP demands that Brexit should mean Brexit. EU nationals should be treated no differently than everyone else. They should apply for a visa and be subject to the same scoring as would-be immigrants from around the world. If they are needed then they can stay.

The BNP respects the rights of EU countries to make their own decisions concerning the immigration status of our UK nationals.

Nicola Sturgeon and all the Remain campaigners aren’t trying to be humane. They don’t care about EU nationals in the UK any more than they care about the plight of working class Brits. It’s just a cynical attempt to weaken the UKs negotiating leverage with the EU so that there is a chance that our negotiators would not be able to secure good deals, thus enabling the Remain camp to pile on the political pressure for a 2nd referendum.

The BNP demands the UK government should recognise that the EU negotiators will do what they are paid to do. They will play hardball. UK politicians and civil servants should do what they are paid to do. Represent the interest of British citizens by playing hardball with the EU. The EU’s weakness is that they have over 3 million citizens in our country, while there are less than a million UK citizens in the EU.

The weasel words “EU nationals are not bargaining chips.”, should be ignored because EU negotiators WILL use 1 million UK ex-pats in the EU as bargaining chips, especially if the likes of Nicola Sturgeon are taken seriously.

When establishment politicians fawn concern about EU nationals not knowing what the future will bring them, many British citizens who don’t see a stake in society, who feel they have no future, are filled with anger. Such a backwards, perverse and corrupt attitude that UK establishment politicians hold, fills people with seething anger and quite rightly so.



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