Muslim converts more easily radicalised says new report

Islamist Hate Preachers are targeting converts for radicalisation according to a new report by the think tank Henry Jackson Society.

According to Dr Julia Rushchenko, Research Fellow at the Centre for the Response to Terrorism and Radicalisation (CRT), Muslim converts “are often more malleable and vulnerable to radical rhetoric” because they regularly combine “an enthusiasm to change the world with a vacuum of knowledge” when it comes to extremist interpretations of faith.

While acknowledging that converts make up a relatively small proportion of Muslims in the West, the report notes that they are overrepresented among radicals.

For example, fewer than 4 per cent of Muslims in the United Kingdom were converts as of 2015, but they constituted 12 per cent of home-grown jihadists and perpetrated 16 per cent of Islamist terrorist offences carried between 1998 and 2015.

They also make up a disproportionate share of the Islamic State’s complement of foreign fighters, with 23 per cent of France’s estimated 1,800 volunteers being converts.


While the report introduces valuable research to the field of investigation, the results are not unexpected.

As the old saying goes: There’s nothing more extreme than a convert.

The desire to prove oneself for the cause is an acknowledged characteristic of the zealous convert.

More research needs to be done on how Muslim Hatre Preachers go about picking the prey for conversion and radicalisation.

Testing the IQ of terror convicts would assist greatly in being able to determine what renders one susceptive to Islamic radicalisation.

It’s well documented that prisons are one such place where the considerable Muslim criminal demographic has meant that Muslims gangs terrorised prison staff and force other prisoners to convert to Islam or suffer serious and sustained repercussions, either in violence toward them or the payment of concessions.

It’s a problem that needs immediate action and one which the BNP has developed a plan of action to address.

The following is an except from the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror – Action 2:

“Isolate the sizeable Muslim convict population into separate prisons. Create special jails for Islamists awaiting deportation.”

Read the full action plan here.



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