BNP demand action!

After the Manchester suicide bombing and the Islamist terror attacks in London last night, it’s once again become very fashionable to say “enough is enough!”

The same thing happens every time a court case finds organised Muslim rape gangs guilty of torturing, raping and trafficking little white girls.

Only the BNP has the answers to the crisis in our nation brought about by the despised political class.

No other political party has any answers because they refuse to even acknowledge the problem they’ve caused.

All they can do is talk and trot out the same lame old platitudes – but talk is cheap!

The BNP’s Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror is a radical action plan to deal with the crisis in Britain.


Find out if your opinions are better represented by the BNP or by those current out-of-touch apologetic, appeasing mouthpieces in Westminster.

No more tearful vigils, no more pathetic and empty platitudes from our so-called leaders, no more singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ or flag Facebook filters – it’s time for action!

Only BNP has the courage, political will, and the policies to effectively neutralise and eradicate Islamist terror to restore safety on our streets and build a better Britain.

To make our homeland safer, we need people like you who care about our future.

Isn’t it time you said ‘enough is enough’ and took action.

Take action and join us today!



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