Keith Vaz “too ill” to answer rent boy investigation but takes trip to India

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Britain’s most corrupt career politician, Keith Vaz, has claimed he is “too ill” to answer to an investigation over a drug-fuelled rent boy sex orgy.

The Daily Mail has reported that Vaz is facing an investigation into the alleged use of Romanian rent boys and hard drugs.

The married father of two and Labour pervert was also caught discussing gay sex with prostitutes and illegal Class A drugs in undercover footage shot by the Daily Mirror in 2016.

Despite citing his poor health, Vaz has so far evaded justice while remaining remarkably active.

He’s been on tour in India and Saudi Arabia, attended several engagements in his constituency, opened a swimming pool and appeared in public alongside his Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

There’s even been reports of a Vaz look-alike partying at a music gig and buying several fruity-looking Eastern European gentlemen strong drinks.

A Tory MP has compiled a dossier of the criminal activities of the ‘honourable’ Keith Vaz MP and submitted it to the parliamentary standards watchdog.

Since being elected in 1987, he’s been suspended from parliament, faced official inquiries, abused parliamentary expenses, and kept close friendships with shady billionaires, corrupt police officers, and a dodgy solicitor.

Widely regarded as the poster boy for the Westminster Swamp, Vaz is comfortably at home in Jeremy Corbyn’s toxic Labour Party so he’s unlikely to be facing any investigation from the party faithful.

It’s now up to the parliamentary standards watchdog to investigate the career politician over his criminality, depravity and gross misconduct.

Given that they’re charged with investigating one of their own, don’t hold your breath awaiting any form of justice.

It’s time the Westminster Swamp was drained – with Keith Vaz being the first to go.



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