The Labour Party is anti-Semitic

anti-Semitic Labour Party
The Labour Party is Anti-Semitic

Firstly, demographic change is one reason why the Labour Party is anti-Semitic.

Secondly, the far left has allowed criticism of Israel and Zionism to slip into anti-Semitism.

Naz Shah

In 2016, Jeremy Corbyn suspended the Labour MP Naz Shah for anti-Semitic comments.

Shah apologised for online posts, including one suggesting Israel should move to the United States.

The Bradford West MP admitted the comments were anti-Semitic.

“I wasn’t anti-Semitic, what I put out was anti-Semitic,”  Shah told BBC Radio 4’s World At One.

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone decided to mount a defence of Shah live on BBC Radio London.

Ken Livingstone confronted by Labour MP
A Labour MP accuses a smiling Ken Livingstone of being a “Nazi Apologist” while Red Ken is in the middle of a radio interview

The former Labour MP invoked Hitler to support his position.

“Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism”.

As a result, the Labour Party suspended the former Mayor of London for bringing the party into disrepute.

Ken Livingstone says that he stated a historical truth and so there is no justification for his expulsion or suspension.

However, many historians argue that Livingstone has misrepresented historical facts.

They say that an American Marxist historian called Lenny Brenner has influenced ‘Red Ken’.

Furthermore, the State of Israel did not exist in 1932; it came into existence in 1948.

More Labour Party activists accused of anti-Semitism

In addition, the Labour Party suspended Vicky Kirby, Labour’s former candidate in Woking, after she tweeted “What do you know about Jews? They’ve got big noses and support Spurs”.

The Labour Party suspended Vicky Kirby for the second time in 2016.

A few weeks ago,  Labour deselected one of its candidates, Alison Gove-Humphries, after she shared a social media post.

Labour Party has a history of anti-Semitism

Jewish Tory MPs like Edwina Currie and Leon Brittan suffered anti-Semitic abuse from a minority of their parliamentary colleagues.

Also, Jeremy Corbyn’s association with the Hamas organisation is well known.

Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization.

Since the 1980s critics of Livingstone have accused him of making anti-Semitic comments while remaining unrepentant.

Reasons why Labour is anti-Semitic

Firstly, the extreme Left (which is pro-Palestinian) supports Corbyn’s leadership.

The far-left is a major factor in Corbyn’s rise to prominence in the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn

The hard left of British politics has allowed criticism of Israel and Zionism to slip into anti-Semitism.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader in 2015 has encouraged the extremists in the Labour party.

Secondly, demographic change in Britain is certainly a factor in the Labour Party’s increasingly anti-Semitic stance.

The growing Muslim population tends to vote Labour.

Here is Labour’s problem: the more Muslims they have, the more anti-Semitism they have.

So, it’s ironic that Labour’s immigration policy has made Britain less tolerant, more divisive, and more anti-Semitic.



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