Daily Express takes up BNP foreign aid policy

The Daily Express has abandoned Ukip on foreign aid in favour of the BNP’s policy.

In an article published earlier this week (Tuesday 24 October), titled ‘Foreign Aid: Let’s STOP it NOW and spend BILLIONS on NHS and elderly’, Daily Express author Giles Sheldrick makes a case for Britain to use the £Billions sent abroad every year to be spent on funding our NHS instead.

In 2012, the British Government handed over £1Billion to the 10 most corrupt countries in the world including Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Libya, Afghanistan and even North Korea

Sheldrick has effectively lifted BNP policy.

Last year, more than £13Billion of British taxpayers money was sent abroad in so-called foreign aid.

Published in the BNP’s flagship publication IDENTITY, the BNP made the case:

1.6 Million children in Britain live in severe poverty and the government sends £13Billion+ abroad in ‘foreign aid’.

It’s the scandal of our times: tens of thousands of pensioners dying each winter because they can’t afford their energy bill, British soldiers refused benefits and social housing, patients dying in NHS waiting rooms because of massive underfunding, and an estimated 1.6Million children in Britain living in severe poverty – and what does the British Government do?

Sends more than £10Billion of British taxpayers’ money abroad in ‘foreign aid’ each year.

The politicians can’t tell you exactly where this colossal sum goes, because the situation in most of these countries is so bad that there’s no way of knowing where it ends up.

We do know that African dictators enjoy lavish lifestyles, terrorists can afford weapons and burgeoning economies can send rockets to space – at our expense while our people are dying here in Britain because they cannot afford the basics.

It’s a crisis, that’s why the BNP will stop foreign aid, until we can provide for our own.

Data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development shows the 28 leading industrialised nations handed out £86billion between them in 2015.

More than £12billion – over 14 per cent – came from Britain, which gave twice as much as France.

How is foreign ‘aid’ allocated?

G7 nations dream up targets which dictate that Britain must send more and more money abroad every time the economy improves, rather
than having a real assessment of need.



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