BNP to save our NHS

Our NHS is in ‘crisis’ and the old rotten Labour and Conservatives are bickering over which of them is to blame.

Both have dismal records on the NHS, and while Labour are blaming the Tories for failing to meet their target, they’ve conveniently ignored the fact that in Wales, where Labour run the NHS, its performance is worst of all!

So what’s choking our NHS?

Put simply, here it is:

  • Extensive cuts to care services which previously looked after our ageing population are no longer fully functional, resulting in pensioners taking up vital beds in hospital units unnecessarily
  • The rotten Establishment political parties’ Mass Immigration policy has pushed our NHS beyond breaking point, and hundreds of thousands of foreigners, who haven’t paid in, are claiming free health care at the British taxpayers’ expense

BNP to save our NHS

Our NHS is a great British institution, and one the BNP is committed to saving!

It’s our aim to refocus our NHS on the health and well being of the British people, and reaffirm it as the world leader in social medical care once again.

The Labour and Tory answer to an ageing British population is to ship in hordes of immigrants.

It’s a policy which has proved both destructive and a failure, making the problem much worse by adding hundreds of thousands of foreigners all claiming free medical care at the cost of you and me, the British taxpayer.

The BNP recognises that our British future is to be found in our British children.

The BNP will provide financial incentives to support young British couples, and provide them with the opportunity they need to start a family, taking us a long way towards balancing our current age deficit.

The BNP will put a stop to the destructive Labour and Tory Mass Immigration policy.

Labour and the Tories have competed to outspend each other in giving taxpayers’ money abroad in foreign aid.

Presently, the Tories have even exceeded Labour’s already vast foreign aid budget by raising it to a staggering £12+billion per year.

The BNP will stop ALL foreign aid until our NHS is functioning properly.

Until our NHS is functioning efficiently, British pensioners can afford their heating bills to avoid freezing to death in the cold winter months, and the estimated 1.6million children in Britain currently living below the breadline are lifted out of severe poverty, will we even consider reviewing any figure on foreign aid.

It’s fair and it’s commonsense, and that’s what the BNP does best!

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