By St George, We WILL Fight!

Hostile foreign hordes are waging WAR on us in our own country, helped by the political traitors who have allowed it to happen.

When thousands of Muslims descended on a church in Watford last year I told the media straight:

“This is an act of WAR!

“These Muslims are openly threatening and attacking OUR traditions, OUR religion and OUR people; trying to force Britain submit to ISLAM!”

Well not while I draw breath and not while the BNP is here to stand against them!

Tragically, the Anglican Church, as well as the political establishment HAVE surrendered to the invaders and are trying to appease these violent immigrants.

They have been running a campaign, with rabid leftist groups, trying to deny the true British hero Enoch Powell a memorial plaque in his home town:

Why? Because anyone who resists mass, uncontrolled immigration – in their warped eyes – MUST be ‘racist’.

This is an attack against one of our Great British Heroes.

I know you will give us the support we need to say NO to these Politically Correct appeasers.

Throw your weight behind our campaign for Enoch Powell to be recognised for his service to our race and nation.

Stand with me today in the spirit of St George and the Christian Knights of old as we fight, tooth and nail to protect OUR traditions, OUR beliefs, OUR people and OUR nation.

You do not have to take to the field and physically fight, as we did in the days of St George and the crusades.

Our war is political.

By donating to the BNP war effort you are playing your vital part in this historic struggle.

Show the Leftists and Muslims that they will NEVER win – donate to the BNP today!

Britain NEEDS a strong BNP and the BNP needs your backing – together we will never be defeated.



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