Brexit Backlash: Conservatives in local election disaster

Tories suffer Brexit Backlash catastrophe

Brexit Backlash. Conservatives in local election disaster with Theresa May saying: That's not funny!

Brexit Backlash: Disillusioned voters deserted the Conservative Party in droves at the local elections held on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

The Tories lost 1334 councillors, and they lost control of 44 councils. The stunning collapse of the Conservative vote was a backlash against the Brexit betrayal of Theresa May and MPs.

It was the worst local election result for the Tories in a quarter of a century. The Home Secretary said the Conservatives could be ‘out of power for a generation.’

Labour humiliated by Brexit Backlash

Voters took their revenge on the Labour Party as well as the Tories. Labour had expected to make gains but instead suffered a loss of 82 councillors and six councils.

Millions of Labour supporters voted to leave the European Union in 2016, and that’s why there was a 19% decrease in Labour council seats in those areas that had a significant majority Leave vote.

Liberal Democrats enjoy local election surge

The Lib Dems gained 704 new councillors.

One voter on Twitter wrote, “Vote for anyone but Labour or Conservative!” Therefore, many voters held their noses and voted for the Lib Dems. It doesn’t mean that people who voted for the Liberal Democrats supported their policies. Many voted for them as a warning to Labour and the Tories. The message was clear: “Get us out of the European Union now; if it means having a ‘no deal’ then so be it!”

Of course, the low turnout indicated that many Leave voters stayed away on polling day.

Ukip loses 82% of council seats

Surprisingly, Ukip lost 145 council seats (approximately 82% of the seats gained in the equivalent elections in 2015). The loss included seven council seats in Thurrock, Essex and twelve council seats in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Did the Ukip vote collapse because of the controversy over one of their candidates in the upcoming European elections?

Gerard Batten, the leader of Ukip, walked out of a Sky News interview after questions about Carl Benjamin (otherwise known by his online alias Sargon of Akkad).

A spokesman for Ukip’s Swindon branch said: “[Carl Benjamin’s] appearance is not doing UKIP any favours.”

Brexit repercussion: Spoiled ballot papers

An example of Brexit backlash. A spoiled ballot paper with the words: Theresa May betrayed Brexit written on it several times

Election officials said there were an unprecedented 39,000 spoiled ballot papers in protest at Parliament’s Brexit Betrayal.

Brexit Blackmail

Theresa May will probably interpret the Conservative election bloodbath as a message from the voters that Parliament must agree to her ‘Brexit in name only‘ deal.

The election results prompted her to say: “Simple message… just get on and deliver Brexit.”

Her ‘deal’ — defeated three times in Parliament — will not deliver Brexit because it’s a ‘Brexit in name only‘ deal.

Brexit Backlash: Theresa May must go

Theresa May in 2016 campaigning to remain in the European Union. She's holding a placard with the words: I'm in
Is this the real reason why Theresa May keeps delaying Brexit?

The Prime Minister said over 100 times in Parliament that no deal is better than a bad deal and that we would be leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019

However, she now says that she was “talking in the abstract.” What utter nonsense!

The Tories made a colossal mistake in selecting Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative Party. Putting a Remainer in charge of Brexit negotiations is like choosing a bank robber to guard a bank.

However, despite calls for her resignation she still intends to carry on regardless of the cost to the country or her party.

The Prime Minister was heckled at the Welsh Conservative conference the day after the election. A former Tory councillor from the audience shouted: “Why don’t you resign? We don’t want you!”

As he was being escorted from the building, the obedient crowd began shouting at the heckler: “Go, go go!”

As the election results were still being counted, the docile crowd was unaware that the Conservatives were about to obtain their worst local election loss in a quarter of a century.

So, they should have shouted at Theresa May to “go, go, go!”

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