Brexit delayed is Brexit denied

Brexit Delayed is Brexit Denied

EU referendum 2016: Theresa May the Remainer wants Brexit delayed
Is this the real reason why Theresa May keeps delaying Brexit?

It’s now apparent that those who want to see Brexit delayed have a concealed motive— the stopping of Brexit.

Theresa May delayed triggering Article 50 for eight months, then we had a two year notice period followed by a further delay of three months. Now, there is to be yet another delay!

The real purpose of these delays is to wear people down hoping that the public will get sick of Brexit thereby resulting in more people thinking “It’s not worth all the fuss!”

The anti-democratic European Union

The unelected president of the European Commission, and radical federalist, Jean-Claude Juncker, said: “There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”

Well, on the 23rd June 2016, the British people made a democratic choice to leave the EU.

However, it is now evident that we cannot trust our own governing elite with the will of the people any more than the leaders of the European Union.

The unloved and increasingly unwanted EU has an aversion to democracy. In 1992, the Danes rejected the Maastricht Treaty, only for another referendum on it to be run a year later. Irish voters rejected The Treaty of Nice in a referendum in 2001. So, the Irish government, under pressure from the EU, ordered another referendum, to let the electorate make the ‘correct’ decision. The people of Ireland also voted against The Lisbon Treaty in 2008; of course, this had to be overturned in 2009.

Patriotic parties across Europe know that the EU is not the guarantor of stability in Europe; it is the nation-state that is the bastion of peace and prosperity. The nation-state provides people with a sense of identity and helps fulfil the natural desire for belonging. That feeling of community helps make us accountable to one another. And it is accountability that the EU institutions are sorely lacking.

The EU’s diversity is its weakness

Where our communities are compromised, either by mass migration or economic mismanagement, we end up with division and conflict, as witnessed in towns and cities across the UK and in Western Europe. The European Union has, in pursuit of diversity, failed to make Europe safer, and is instead making it poorer and more dangerous in the name of globalisation.

How can the EU defend Europe’s interests when it rejects what it is to be European?

The British National Party will continue leading the struggle for freedom from tyranny.



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