Blair on air again

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War Criminal Tony Blair has insisted that the British people will change their minds about Brexit and will come around to his way of thinking.

The deluded former Prime Minister claimed that the British people still might U-turn over Brexit as Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show recently, Blair said the British people still may change their minds over the “tragedy” of Brexit.

He said: “My view is very simply I agree at the moment the argument for many people is over.

“But if, as you go down this path, the British people realise three things that I think it could change. 

“One, that the gain is actually loss; two, that the pain is very substantial, and three, that the distraction from the Government and the country in the meantime is enormous, when there are these real big challenges, on the economy, in healthcare, education, immigration, are not being dealt with.”  

Andrew Marr questioned Blair as to whether he was calling for another referendum.

63-year-old Blair claimed that he was “not suggesting that at this point” but argued that could change if constituents begin putting their MPs under pressure over Brexit.

He also said: “With people saying, ‘hang on I didn’t know this is what it meant’. 

“One of the things I have done in the last few months is talk to a range of people, if it is permissible to still talk to experts. 

“I didn’t understand how complicated this is going to be. If they [the Government] are going to try and deliver exactly the same benefits, as we have now in the single market and the customs union this is an endeavour of unparalleled complexity.”

He added that he thought another referendum was “possible” but he admitted he didn’t “put it higher than that.”

Mr Marr asked whether Blair was suggesting that there would be a rebellion across the country with changing views.

He said: “People start to think, ‘is this really going to be the thing that is going to be important’. 

“Then when you look at Scotland you see another strain on the constitution of the country as a result.” 

Blair finished by launching an attack on the current Labour Party leader suggesting the party’s views needed to be clear, before stating that the UK needed to reform within Europe.

What he didn’t mention about the Labour Party is the total mess created by them when they were last in government and presided over the kidnapping, drugging, torture and gang rape of thousands of innocent white girls by predominantly Pakistani Muslim paedophile gangs in Rotherham and other towns and cities across northern Britain.

Why Blair is given any air time at all is quite astonishing.

His diabolical leadership when he was in charge of Labour saw millions of immigrants being drafted in to flood Britain.

He also sent hundreds of our troops to their deaths in an illegal war built on lies about ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

His total disregard for democracy and the will of ordinary, hard-working Brits who are fed up of being dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels shows that he is yet another in a long line of out-of-touch career politicians, living in an EU driven safe and secure, champagne socialist bubble.

Quite frankly, Blair should be on trial for treason and crimes against humanity.



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