BBC – We will lie and falsify history to destroy white Britain

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A senior screenwriter for the BBC has gone on record admitting that the corporation is actively working to engineer the population replacement of Britain and dispossess indigenous Brits of their homeland.

Earlier this month, lead screenwriter of the BBC’s Dr Who series announced that it was the corporation’s duty to phase white people from its screening.

The BBC has long been recognised as having been hijacked by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) pushing their racist, social engineering ‘progressive liberal’ agenda, but it’s seldom that such a high profile figure has been so brazen in spelling it out.

Speaking to BBC’s flagship publication Radio Times, Steven Moffat revealed that while the corporation’s target audience were “progressive liberals” and SJWs, its propaganda was squarely aimed at “people who voted Brexit” – in other words conservatives, libertarians and patriots.

Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson lavished praise on Moffat for politicising the BBC show Doctor Who and placing it on “the frontline of the culture war.”

According to Robinson, the fact that the doctor now has “a lesbian of colour named Bill” as a sidekick, was evidence of just how ‘progressive’ the series has become.

Moffatt was behind the casting of a female and the subsequent emasculation of Dr Who, a role played by a male doctor since its first airing in 1963.

It would be “amazing” if neither the doctor nor his side kick were white, slobbered the Moffatt revealing his obsessive anti-white racist agenda.

Conceivably, the BBC will also lie to falsify the history of sexual perversion rampant in the odious corporation and its promotion and employment of the monstrous serial paedophile, Jimmy Saville

“We’ve kind of got to tell a lie,” Moffat told BBC journalists.

“We’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been, and we won’t dwell on that.

“We’ll say, ‘to hell with it, this is an imaginary, better version of the world.

“By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth.”

The truth is to be overcome by the political left in its relentless and rabid drive to destroy Western culture.

While the BBC intends to “summon it forth” the fabrication of history and bring about its warped ‘utopia’, the corporation has also been pro-actively engaging in racial discrimination.

Last month, the BBC was exposed for banning young white hopefuls on the basis of their skin colour from applying for a highly desirable internship and unique career opportunity.

The political left have proved themselves at every level of being utterly incapable of political impartiality in institutions they have long infiltrated and taken over.

The BBC is the sole beneficiary of the revenue raised by the TV Licence tax, which means that the corporation is forcing the British public to pay for its racist propaganda.

Still more sinister is the fact that it’s forcing indigenous Brits to pay for their dispossession of their native homeland.

The whistle is being blown!

Isn’t it time the British people reconsider their funding of the BBC and its nefarious and racist agenda?



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