Now they’re coming for our British Heroes

The political left has stepped up their attack on all things ‘white’.

This time it’s SJW (Social Justice Warrior) hack Afua Hirsch after The Guardian published an article by her in which she demanded the toppling of Nelson’s Column.

Emboldened by the explosion of leftist violence and hate in the US and the subsequent confiscation and destruction of Confederate era statues, Hirsch has seized the opportunity to demand too that British history should also be erased in the name of ‘diversity’.


Nelson’s Column was erected in London’s Trafalgar Square in 1854 and stands as a towering monument to the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 during which the British Navy, under the command of Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, defeated the combined might of the French and Spanish Navies.

The crucial naval battle during which Admiral Nelson gave his life has rightly gone down in history as one of the greatest military achievements in British history.

It was during the Third Coalition of the Napoleonic Wars that Napoleon Bonaparte formulated plans to sail his combined naval fleet to the English channel to facilitate a ground invasion of Britain.

Given Napoleon’s track record of military conquests, his strategic prowess in the field of conflict and the sheer size of the military force at his disposal, a ground invasion of England would likely have proved a success.

To prevent such an invasion, the British Navy intercepted and engaged the combined fleet at Trafalgar off the southern Spanish coast before it could set sail for England.

Outnumbered, Admiral Nelson’s bold and masterful command of the British Navy crushed the French and Spanish fleets, dashing Napoleon’s hopes of a land invasion.

Admiral Nelson was mortally wounded in the battle and died in the knowledge that he had secured victory.

There’s little doubt that his incredible accomplishment and self-sacrifice saved Britain from conquest by Napoleon.

“We do not know whether we should mourn or rejoice,” lamented a tearful King George III.

“The country has gained the most splendid and decisive Victory that has ever graced the naval annals of England; but it has been dearly purchased.”

Nelson’s Column stands as a potent symbol of the sacrifice our heroic ancestors made to hand us, their descendants, freedom from foreign rule and tyranny.

Never mind Admiral Nelson’s glorious achievements and self-sacrifice for his country rants Hirsch, he is guilty of her idea of thought crimes and was apparently a ‘white supremacist’.

Hirsch was born in Norway, to a Ghanaian mother and German Jewish father yet she’s chosen England in which to live.

Rather than honouring the country which has been so generous as to provide her with a safe home and has afforded her the hard-won freedoms secured by British people over hundreds and hundreds of years, she’s chosen to show her gratitude by attacking the Heroes of her adopted nation and subverting its history.

It’s worth noting that in distinct contrast to the United States of America, immigrants who came to Britain did so of their own volition to benefit from the freedoms, ethics and lofty values that the British people themselves cultivated and that British Heroes – such as Admiral Nelson – fought and died to uphold.

The British people have never been given a vote or referendum nor given the government any mandate whatsoever for their mass immigration into Britain from all around the world and which has rendered British society more which has divided than ever before.

Nevertheless, Britain has taken millions of immigrants in and shared with them the opportunities created and provided by the British people.

It takes the most basic understanding of fairness and reasonableness to arrive at the position that it is newcomers to the country whose role it is to integrate into their adopted country and demonstrate gratitude, not the other way around.

The British people owe these newcomers nothing.

Were it not for Admiral Nelson, the people of Britain would likely be speaking French having endured the horrors of invasion and inevitable atrocities that a conquered people are invariably forced to endure.

According to Hirsch, Admiral Nelson was an advocate of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

A despicable trade initiated by African slavers, Jewish shipping merchants and European globalists.

Contrary to the hateful, anti-white narrative of leftist racists, white people were the last to become involved in the practice of slavery and the first to end it.

Dare they mention the millions of slaves taken from Africa and Europe by the Muslim slavers and the Ottoman empire?

Of course not, because the Muslim world has no remorse over slavery or sense of wrongdoing.

There are few descendants of the sub-Saharan black slaves in the Middle East and Arab nations because the males were castrated to prevent them from reproducing resulting in deaths of many as a result of the horrific mutilation.

But since when have facts got in the way of leftists demanding concessions from white people.

Hirsch has never demanded concessions from the Muslim world for the slavery of millions of Africans, and you can bet she’ll never either acknowledge that fact of the millions of white Europeans slaves.

If Hirsch were serious about her mission to put right the injustices of slavery she’d be fighting to highlight the plight of the estimated 46Million people in forced servitude around the world TODAY, overwhelmingly in India, South East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

While attempting to tear down the statue of a British Hero for allegedly being in favour of the slave trade of the 18th Century, Hirsch’s fellow Ghanaian brothers and sisters, to her shame, are among the most prolific slavers in the World right now.

Source: Washington Post 2013

Having been the first nation in modern history to abolish slavery, the nation’s capital city of London is now a teeming hive of modern day slavery brought to the country by the immigrants for whom she is seeking to empower at the expense of the native British people.

Back in 2014, The Guardian itself reported: “that as many as 13,000 people in Britain are victims of slavery.”

Since then, slavery in London has exploded.

The Guardian reported that the number of cases investigated by the Metropolitan police’s anti-slavery unit increased by 260% in 2016 up on the previous year.

In 2017, this is expected to increase by a further 60%.

Hirsch’s SJW ‘mission’ to put right the wrongs of slavery is nothing more than leftist virtue signalling and an attempt to bully the British people by exploiting their virtuous sense of fair play and decency, unequalled by peoples around the world.


Finally, it’s also worth considering that the last time anyone planned the removal of Nelson’s Column it was the National Socialist regime of 1930s Germany.

Plans were made by Nazi strategists for Nelson’s Column to be relocated to Berlin following the successful invasion of Britain in a move designed to humiliate the defeated British.

Hirsch and her totalitarian socialist ilk are still at it – only this time they have no plans for its reinstallation.

Destroying statues and erasing history is on par with burning books.

But since when have the fascist left understood irony?

The attempt to erase and rewrite British history is a vicious attempt to dehumanise white people by denying them their place in history.

It’s a calculated agenda, in compliance with the pernicious neo-Marxist, post-modernist Critical Theory of Max Horkheimer to subvert history by presenting every accomplishment in Western culture as oppressive, negative and evil, thereby ‘justifying’ its annihilation.

Admiral Nelson represents the tradition, glory, and virtue of a unique and brilliant people who built with their blood sweat and tears a great nation, the envy of the world, and one in which everyone – including Afua Hirsch – wants to live.

If we fail to fight back against the nefarious, hateful agenda of anti-British leftists like Hirsch, we lose not only our place in history but our very identity.

Protect Nelson’s Column – “England expects that every man will do his duty.”

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