Politicians slammed by Asian man for Immigration disaster on BBC

The terminally liberal political class were slammed last night for their Immigration ‘disaster’ by a member of the BBC Question Time audience.

Except for the fact that an individual with different opinions to the far-left BBC was even allowed to take a seat in the carefully staged audience, there’s nothing unusual about this event, oh… except that this man was ASIAN!!!

This fact made the roasting all the more heated because, in the racist world of liberals and ‘progressives’, non-whites carry more credibility.

“Now you realise that immigration has destroyed the country,” he told a disapproving panel.

“Immigration has messed up the country […] the whole of the North of England is full of my community!” he lamented.

“This is not England anymore!”

Britain must start expelling people from the country and turning people away he said, echoing BNP policy almost word for word.

The panel disagreed, with the speaker for the bogus nationalist UKIP, Suzanne Evans, going as far as to claim that the destruction of British society through immigration was a good thing.

The fact is that the first wave of immigrants invited to Britain by the politicians – without any debate, vote or mandate whatsoever from the British people – came precisely because it was British.

That same despicable political class is now in the process of destroying, not only everything the British people created and represent but everything the first wave of migrants travelled to be a part of.

Hats off to that gentleman in the Question Time audience.

When it takes an immigrant to tell the political class what’s what, you know they’re beyond the pale.

Count yourself among the growing ranks of British people saying ‘enough is enough’ and taking a stand.

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