Balkanisation leads to civil war

We British citizens can be as meek and mild as they like – it won’t make any difference.

Anyone thinking that simply speaking English will do something to address the crisis affecting not just Britain, but the whole of Europe, is delusional.

There are no resources available under the current system to teach English to anyone – the waiting list is about two years in London.

They come from a completely different culture to Europeans and speaking English will make no difference.

The majority of them are uneducated and are not engineers, doctors or architects.

Integration and multiculturalism are exact opposites.

It is ridiculous for governments to expect both to exist in the same population.

What we actually have is multiculturalism, not integration.

That multiculturalism is now morphing into self segregation.

The next stage after that is Balkanism, then we have civil unrest.

This pattern has been witnessed all over the globe.

That is what is being given to us, and we have a right to resist, and not be called extremists by our own police forces.

We must keep our traps shut while our country disintegrates around us.

Governments (and police under direction) are petrified of civil unrest.

But we British citizens can be as meek and mild as they like, it won’t make any difference.

The ball is rolling.

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