Labour extremist leader Jeremy Corbyn has declared he’s happy with immigration levels and outlined plans to hand immigrant communities £millions more in taxpayers’ money.

Speaking of the devastation brought about by mass immigration into traditional working class communities across the country, the bearded old leftie announced that he would funnel money into those areas.

How exactly this money is to be spent, remains an object of speculation.

Left-wing commentators have filled in the gaps; these £millions will be handed to immigrants as a bribe to integrate.

So outrageous are Corbyn’s plans that he has even come under attack from MPs in his own party.

The extremism now polluting the ranks of the current Labour party has reached such fever pitch that they have branded the entire working class of Britain as racist.

The writings on the wall; the working class of Britain is rejecting the Labour Party in droves, and the Labour Party are happy to see them go.

The British National Party is the ONLY political party in Britain which represents the genuine interests of the British working class.

We are funded solely by the generosity of the British people, that’s why we answer to the British people alone.

The BNP is the ONLY political party you can trust when it comes to stopping Immigration.



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