The invasion of a church and the ‘beheading’ of a priest in France last Tuesday was arguably the most significant outrage committed in Europe since WW2.

It was also the latest in a series of murderous horror attacks by Islamists on European citizens.

It was an act of war and an attack that even the politicians couldn’t ignore or talk down.

Their destructive social engineering experiment of ‘multiculturalism’ introduced hostile ethnic groups into our once harmonious and culturally rich communities, and their active shipping in of millions of Muslims into Europe is now costing the lives of European people.

Rivers of blood have begun to swell on the European streets and the politicians are to blame.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, BNP Chairman Adam Walker, gave this statement:

“Imagine if a Christian raided a mosque and took the head of an imam, Britain would be on fire and the politicians would be defending the marauding Muslims and self-loathing leftists! Yet impotent European leaders have failed to take any action following these hideous attacks by Islamists on European people and the very fabric of our culture”.

“In times of crisis, we must think with a level head”.

“Let’s look at this issue from another perspective for a moment”.

“Take Iraq alone; the Western political elite declared war on Iraq, invaded the country, killed their leader (who was the only one who could keep the peace between rival ethnic groups, albeit with an iron fist) and then effectively withdrew leaving it in ruins. They then invited the people who they had declared ‘the enemy’ and whose country they’d just ransacked, to come and live here.

It defies the most basic common sense – no wonder this enemy is now slaughtering our people!

For the duration of WW2, anyone deemed a threat to national security was incarcerated. We’re now at war with Islamism and the political elite are actively bringing in the enemy”.

“Either the politicians are astonishingly stupid or they are intentionally up to no good, whichever one it is they’ve proved themselves a mortal danger to the people of Britain and Europe and are unfit to rule”.

“We must all take a stand against them because they’re continuing to put all of our lives at risk”.
“We the British people delivered a crippling blow to the nefarious scheming of the political elite when we voted for Brexit, proving we can make a massive difference when we all come together and only by coming together will we be able to send a clear message of defiance to the politicians – that we are at war with Islamism and for the sake of the lives of British people the Islamist plague must be banished from our shores”.
“The BNP is the ONLY political party which has the courage and resolve to stand up and fight the Islamist enemy”.
“The BNP is the ONLY political party which has fought the politicians ‘Politically Correct’ tyranny and is winning that war”.
“The BNP is the ONLY genuinely independent political party, which answers to the British people alone”.
“We’ve been proven correct on every issue for the past 30 years and we have the answers to the problems that the political elite have created”.

That’s why you should join the British National Party today and help us put the interests of British people first”.



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