The British National Party has taken part in a first-of-its-kind (exclusive) debate on ‘Islamophobia’ with a London-based Islamic community.

BNP National Press Officer, David Furness, fresh from his successful media campaign on the London Mayoral trail, agreed to a request from Dark Falcon Productions to join the filmed debate held in Imam Khoei Islamic Centre, North West London last Thursday.

As Britain’s only genuinely patriotic political party, the BNP representative was invited to provide an alternate view.

The BNP has always lead the call in branding Islam as incompatible with Western culture.

“It’s vital that we engage with those in the Muslim community who are open and willing to enter into rational debate,” stated David.

“The other political parties are either in favour of Islamisation of Britain or too cowardly and terrified to speak out. Both are dangerous.

“As the political party leading the debate, it’s our job to engage in civil and mature dialogue with our political opposition and those with whom we have a great difference in opinion.

“We discussed several topics including the question of have Muslims created ‘Islamophobia’.

“As the only panelist with a differing opinion, naturally most of the questions we’re directed my way.

“My hosts were extremely accommodating, friendly and very grateful that the BNP had joined the debate. I’d like to thank the community of Imam Khoei Islamic Centre for their friendly hospitality.

“If we are to realistically solve the huge problems that we face in today’s Britain, it’s going to take people like us on both side to rationally and sensibly bring their grievances to table and enter into dialogue.”

Well said, David. We cannot rely on the rotten political Establishment to do that. Thank God, we have the BNP.

The debate is scheduled to be televised on Sky. Dark Falcon Productions has informed us that they provide further details.



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