A member of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet has revealed that she wants new mosques to be disguised as English churches to avoid further alerting British people of the Islamist takeover of their country.

New mosques should be built to appear ‘quintessentially English’ said Conservative Islamist, Sayeeda Warsi, in a move to further facilitate Islamist colonisation.

Warsi is the first Muslim woman in a Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

It’s a common understanding that Muslims in political office put the interests of Muslims before the wider British public – Warsi is no exception.

Citing previous examples of successful colonisation and replacement of peoples, she asserted that stealth was vital to replacing the culture of the indigenous Brits.

The revelations of Warsi’s race hate plot follows admissions by top level Conservatives in 2015, that it was their plan to cultivate a ‘British’ brand of Islam in a disturbing attempt to appease Muslims and forcibly integrate communities with conflicting interests.

It’s a sinister and alarming social engineering scheme echoing that of Labour’s disastrous ‘multiculturalism’, now universally condemned as a total failure, even by its most rabid proponents.

Sayeeda Warsi hates the British people. Her message is clear; she is working toward the stealth Islamisation of Britain and is using her political office with the Conservatives to bring it about – the indigenous British people will voluntarily submit or be forced.

Vile Warsi hates the BNP, because the BNP puts the interests of the British people first in our country every time.

The BNP is the ONLY political party which actively opposes everything she and her pro-Islamist Conservative traitors stand for.



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