The BNP has been interviewed by Russian TV to discuss their campaign for Protecting Christmas. Year on year, Christmas is being steadily undermined by leftist progressives and their Political Correctness.

For years, the BNP has run its campaign to Save Our Christmas, fighting to protect the traditional British Christmas complete with nativity scene.

“Our Christian values underpin our British Identity.

“It’s why they’re under attack, not just from Islamisation, but also from the Politically Correct authorities who put immigrants before us, the British people.

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“Christmas is being stealthily and ruthlessly dismantled and replaced.

“We’ve all heard of Winterval, it’s the Politically Correct replacement of our traditional Christmas – an engineered replacement complete with polar bears, penguins, and snowflakes to eradicate our traditional nativity scenes, with baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and the Three Wise Kings all to be airbrushed out.

“The PC brigade can only destroy our traditions by stealth because they know that if roused, the British will stand up and resist the destruction of all we hold dear.

“The British National Party is the only political party that is fighting to save our collective British Identity.

“This is not just a fight to save Christmas; it’s the battle for the very survival of our British nation and for the future of our children.”

It’s becoming difficult to find fair and objective reporting in the West.

As a result of the disgraceful and outrageous culture of the mainstream media (MSM) (greatly exposed by their lies, creation and peddling of fake news, and gerrymandering of polls in the run to Brexit and the US Presidential vote), readers in their millions are abandoning MSM in favour of independent media outlets.

The BNP was approached by Russian TV channel, REN, to feature on a programme about the leftist’s war on Christmas.

The programme was broadcast across Russia last week and features BNP National Spokesman, David Furness – David is featured in the video at 3:04.

Mr Furness provided further commentary:

“The war on Christmas is real. The argument put forward by the political left is that our Christmas offends immigrants who choose to live here.

“Two things to say about that; firstly, the statistics say otherwise and show that the overwhelming amount of immigrants in Britain do not object to our traditional Christmas; secondly, and more importantly, is that any immigrant that chooses to live in a land of which they hate the culture should not be accepted entry.

“It’s as simple as that!

“The political left are hell-bent on demolishing all that Britain stands for, that’s why through the use of Political Correctness they are trying to destroy our Christmas (which is one of the pillars of our precious and unique identity and culture) – they’re not going to win on the BNP’s watch!”

Russia24, another Russian TV channel, also followed the BNP on the campaign trail last summer, putting to shame the outrageously biased British media – watch the video here.



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