Nationalists are passionate about restoring our Green and Pleasant Land and protecting animals from cruelty.

That’s why the BNP is committed to tripling the maximum jail sentence for those convicted of cruelty to animals, bringing a halt to the export of livestock for slaughter, and banning the barbaric practise of ritual slaughter of animals including halal and kosher.

The BNP has a full range of policies to ensure that the highest of standards are applied to the welfare of animals here in Britain:

  • The BNP will extend the re-population programme of Red Squirrels, already successfully trialled in Scotland, to include the entire British Isles
  • The BNP demands a fresh debate on the culling of badgers – far greater scrutiny of the data which warrants this cull as a measure to prevent the spread of TB must be undertaken
  • The BNP continues to fight the horrific EU policy of slaughtering seals for eating fish in the North Sea because the EU have allowed fish stocks to be decimated by over-fishing
  • The BNP will host a sensible and mature discussion on fox hunting to ensure that not only foxes are protected, but the identity and traditions of rural communities too



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