Tories use taxpayers’ money to recruit foreigners to take British jobs  

The anti-British Tory government has been caught in the act of buying foreign recruits – with taxpayers’ money –  to take British jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds in British taxpayers’ money is now being sent abroad to train foreign nurses in a disgusting example of the ongoing betrayal of British workers that we’ve come to expect from the vile political class in Britain.

Each foreign recruit is being handed £400 in language training, £300 in flight expenses and more than £400 for a British visa, in a scheme which actively deprives young Brits of a job and a prospective career.

Currently, British recruits are required to attain high qualifications to enter into a nursing career, qualifications which they must spend years earning and costs huge sums of money which plunges them into debt.

It’s not the case for foreign recruits.

While the government makes it very difficult for young Brits to fill these jobs, it lavishing cash on foreigners and employs them instead – forcing the us, the British taxpayer, to foot the bill!

It’s the latest betrayal of the British people by the despicable political class which put anyone and everyone’s interests before those of the British people.

The BNP will stop the sending of British taxpayers’ money abroad and spend it instead on training up young Brits to fill these positions.

It’s common sense and the right thing to do, that’s why it’s BNP policy.

ONLY the BNP fights to put the interests of the British people first in our own homeland every time and, to ensure we can continue the fight, we need your help!



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