1 in 5 foreigners in Britain jobless

Hard at work: ‘Enrichment’ arrives in London

One in five unemployed people living in Britain are migrants, official new figures have revealed.

The statistics compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) state that 1.4Million people were jobless.

Of that number, 1.1Million were born in Britain, 98,000 were from EU countries, and more than double that at 219,000, were foreigners from outside of the EU.

According to The Telegraph, the number of Bulgarians and Romanians who have rushed to benefit from Soft Touch Britain since last year’s Brexit vote has risen by a third.

Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants now comprise 1 in 6 of all EU migrants in Britain.

The statistics decline to state how many of the 30,000 foreigners are claiming job seekers’ allowance and welfare state benefits at the expense of hard-working Brits.

The BNP will end Soft Touch Britain.

The BNP believes in common sense and fair play which is why the BNP will ensure that job seekers’ allowance or welfare state benefits are reserved ONLY for those who have paid in.



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