Punishing Labour for their betrayal of the British worker

‘The BNP is the Labour Party your grandad voted for” is the slogan which features on the BNP leaflet set out to punish Labour for their betrayal of British workers.

Our ancestors built our country, yet the Labour Party has looted it and swamped us with foreigners.

The Labour Party has spectacularly failed the British working people.

Only the BNP has the interests of the British working people at heart, and we are determined to restore to them that which is rightfully theirs!

The Labour Party has betrayed British working people:

  • They brought mass immigration to Britain and flooded the country with cheap migrant labour to undercut British workers.
  • Just like the Tories, they’ve dismantled British industry and shipped our jobs abroad.
  • They continue to put asylum seekers and immigrants before British people in job and housing queues.

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