Switzerland has introduced the BNP policy of an outright ban on the burqa and niqab.

Following a referendum in the Italian-speaking region of Tessin, 65% voted in favour of a complete ban.

Anyone threatening the security of Swiss citizens by wearing the veil will now be fined almost 10,000 euros.

“Well, it’s just common sense, isn’t it?,” BNP Chairman Adam Walker told reporters. “I find it incredible we’re even having this debate.”

“The burqa belongs to a backward and barbaric society. It has no place whatsoever in Britain – or the free world, for that matter.”

“It is NOT required in Islam for women to wear the burqa, and those that insist on doing so are demonstrating their refusal to integrate with the country they’ve chosen to live in.

“The BNP says: Britain – love it or leave it.

“Those refusing to integrate in our society, are encouraged to leave and take residence in country which better suit them.

“The referendum in Switzerland again highlights the gaping chasm of differing opinion between the politicians and the people.

“The referendum result proves, again, that the people have far more commonsense than the politicians who are meant to represent them.

“The fact is that the burqa is a threat to the well being of British people.

“It is a symbol of colonisation by a hostile, alien and barbaric ideology, that’s why under a BNP government, the burqa and niqab will be banned, and those who insist on threatening the security of British citizens by covering in a veil will have to answer to the law.”

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