renziRenzi has resigned but an interim PM will be put into place from his party until elections on 2018.

So the Italian people, according to the corrupt Media, are destabilising the EU, by rejecting proposals to reduce their input into decisions made by the State!

The Italian people along with the British people are showing the free world, what the EU is; a totally corrupt controlling dictatorship.

The Brussels Gravy train is now heading for a complete collapse. They won’t be that concerned as they have already destroyed democracy in Europe and Britain.

The EU is slowly impoverishing millions of people across Europe; it is an outdated oligarchy monolith which needs to end before it destroys many millions of folk through war.

You cannot cage and dismiss people forever, before they start to take matters into their own hands; th is the way of the world and human nature in its rawest sense.

None of the youth of Europe asked for this. They, as we did in the past trusted their elders and politicians. Who have treated them with utter contempt and literally thrown them on the scrap heap of life.

The elite forgot one thing – hence the recent rulings over the internet – the youth of today are techno savvy and their lives revolve around social media. These days, information goes around the world in the blink of an eye.

The mainstream media may follow orders but so far the Internet has been the biggest educational tool for both the youth, and those past generations who were deceived by manipulating lying governments.

Well done Italy – you have done the European citizens proud!



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