The British National Party is bracing itself for more politically motivated attacks and allegations by the PC police in their attempt to appear balanced when taking action to tackle mass election fraud in the Muslim community.

Following his review into electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets, East London, Conservative MP, Sir Eric Pickles, castigated ‘state institutions’ for their failure to act.

Sir Pickles’ comprehensive report, ‘Securing the Ballot’, slammed the electoral commission for promoting the use of foreign languages at polling stations, declaring that it ‘leaves the door open to fraud’.

‘Britain’s trust-based system is no longer tenable,’ he said because successive governments in Britain have introduced millions of immigrants who do not share the same lofty principles as native Brits.

It cites the fact that Islamists have been harassing any Muslims with the intention of voting against the ‘elders’ and accusing them of voting in an ‘un-Islamic’ way and that they ‘would burn in hell’.

The report found that police and state institutions have turned a blind eye to the crimes of vote rigging in Muslim communities for Politically Correct reasons.

‘Whitehall in denial over the extent of UK electoral fraud’, Sir Pickles stated.

His frank report has come under fire from PC police, Muslim interest groups and their left-wing apologists.

Naturally, Sir Pickles has been attacked with the tired old leftist hate slurs and accused of being ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic.’

Now that the truth is out there, the one thing that’s guaranteed is that the Islamophile PC police will make every effort to deflect attention from the rampant election fraud in Muslim communities by making false allegations against the BNP, in a cynical and transparent attempt to appease the Muslim community.




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