no-pcThe Guardian newspaper is currently working itself up after receiving a leaked report claiming that the boys and girls at the Unite trade union have been involved in hanky-panky, with more than half the female officers claiming to have been bullied or sexually harassed by fellow officials or members in their workplaces!

Naturally, it can be taken as read that the Brothers and Sisters in the UK’s largest trade union will have been conditioned into a total acquiescence to the ridged rules of Political Correctness (PC), encompassing the unholy trinity of “Racism, Sexism and Homophobia” plus a few other oddities (Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Ageism etc), so how could this possibly happen?

Answer: Human nature

The report cited an official who said she felt increasingly isolated at work because of male officials “talking among themselves”.

She went on – “I have to sit among colleagues who refer to our secretaries as the girls … [They] think it is correct to refer to black people as coloured, talk about chairmen, refer to women as a piece of skirt.”

The girls? Black people as “coloured”? Chairmen?

Whatever next – what’s the world coming to, with the boys using such intemperate language?

One woman told interviewers she was “sexually assaulted by a senior officer in the past” but the report didn’t go into any further details of her case and did not explain whether the woman reported the assault to police or the union.

However, it is understood that incident took place in 2007 before Unite was formed through the amalgamation of three unions, so that’s OK then.

Some of the worst examples of intimidation came from members in external workplaces. One woman reported she had been told in a meeting that she needed “a good ****”.

Quite what “****” translates to in English in the prudish Guardian isn’t clear, nor whether the woman was totally displeased with its intent.

Another respondent blamed the union’s senior management for failing to commit to inclusivity. The report quoted her as saying: “The old-boys network is alive and kicking unfortunately in Unite, where it is “who you know” and where they come from that matters.”

But according to the Guardian, Len McCluskey (Unite’s general secretary) has actively promoted “gender balance” in the officer core and women now occupy the most senior positions within the union, which might account for the discontent amongst the male contingent.

BNP members will remember the enormous amount of anti-BNP literature paid for by Unite in the past and in the run up to important local, national and EU elections.
But it all shows the sheer stupidity, the futility of political correctness and attempts to stamp out natural human feelings amongst a mixed workforce.
I will let Sir Tim Hunt, scientist and Nobel prize winner have the last word:

On 8 June 2015, during the 2015 World Conference of Science Journalists in Seoul at a lunch for female journalists and scientists, he was asked on short notice to give a toast. Hunt’s impromptu speech was later recounted by an unnamed EU official.

He said, tongue in cheek (mischievously):

“It’s strange that such a chauvinist monster like me has been asked to speak to women scientists.

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.

“Perhaps we should make separate labs for boys and girls? Now, seriously, I’m impressed by the economic development of Korea. And women scientists played, without doubt, an important role in it.

“Science needs women, and you should do science, despite all the obstacles, and despite monsters like me.”

The result: On 10 June Hunt had to resign from his position as an honorary professor at the University College London’s Faculty of Life Sciences and from the Royal Society’s Biological Sciences Awards Committee. Hunt’s wife, immunologist Mary Collins, had been told by a senior [at UCL] that Hunt “had to resign immediately or be sacked.”
Any sackings at Unite?



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