Political Violence and Labour Party Hypocrisy

Labour Party hypocrisy: the practice of the Labour Party claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

Will the Labour Party disown violent left-wing thugs?
Will the Labour Party disown violent left-wing thugs?

In 1st August 2017 edition of the London Evening Standard, I read a small article that I found shocking!

It seems that the Labour MP for Selly Oak Birmingham, Steve McCabe had a stone and a brick thrown at him by two thugs on motorbikes, leaving his face “painful, sore and swollen”.

Violence used against political opponents is disgusting and must be stopped.

The British Nationalist Party wishes Steve McCabe a speedy recovery.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. McCabe had been at a recent demonstration in Dover what his reaction would have been.

Dover demonstration

People went to Dover to protest at the excessive level of immigration into Britain.

Enough is enough!

Also, there is nothing to stop those asylum seekers and refugees in Calais from walking into a police station and claiming asylum.

Any asylum seeker or refugee that goes through twenty different countries to get here is an economic migrant.

They are attracted to countries like Britain, Sweden, and Germany because of the high level of benefits available.

However, Britain is under no obligation to accept economic migrants.

Those protesting at Dover had a legitimate concern and were expressing their outrage at the unsustainable levels of immigration.

They were exercising their democratic right to have a peaceful protest.

Consequently, a screaming crowd of left-wingers attacked them.

Labour Party hypocrisy : left-wing thugs at Dover ready to attack anyone who has a different political opinion
Violent left-wing thugs at Dover ready to attack anyone with a different political opinion.

Labour Party supporters and other assorted left-wingers threw bottles and bricks at the patriotic marchers.

This type of thuggish behaviour is typical of the Left.

Labour Party hypocrisy

The Left is responsible for the overwhelming majority of political violence in Britain.

Whenever patriotic people have a peaceful demonstration or march, it’s likely that violent left-wingers will confront them.

These lefties then use spitting, punching, kicking, bottles, bricks, and stones against their political opponents.

Usually, violence is their first response to people who have a different political opinion.

Furthermore, the left-wingers are usually dressed in black, and they will cover their faces.

They wish to remain anonymous after committing acts of violence.

So, does the Labour Party condemn violence by the left-wing thugs?

If so, I’m not aware of it.

London Riots 2011

Left-wing politicians have cynically sought to make political capital out of the London riots, blaming government cuts for the orgy of violence.
Labour MPs made excuses for the thugs, claiming that disadvantaged youth had no option but to smash up high streets.

Conservative Party HQ attacked

London 2010: Hundreds of left-wing thugs broke into and occupied the Conservative Party headquarters during a student fees protest.
Hundreds of left-wing thugs trashed the Conservative Party headquarters during a protest over tuition fees.

Will the Labour Party disown violent left-wing thugs?

The Labour Party hypocrisy about political violence is evident.

The British National Party condemns violence of any description.

BNP policy on immigration

At the core of British National Party policy is the belief that Immigration into Britain is a destructive agenda and must be stopped.

Without any vote or debate, successive governments in Britain have introduced the most pernicious and divisive policy since World War II, and transformed our country almost beyond recognition.

In towns and cities up and down the country we feel like foreigners in our own country, our traditions derided and our future given away.

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