British election system is anti-British

British Election System: Labour and the Conservatives are pro-immigration and pro-Islamisation
Labour and Conservative policies are anti-British

Once again, the UK’s population have fallen into the Labour/Conservative trap of a never-ending British election system which is anti-British. 

It’s anti-British because Labour and the Conservatives are both responsible for flooding this country with millions of migrants.

This immigration tsunami is continuing at a considerable pace even as you read this article.

The two main parties are also responsible for the relentless attack on our laws, culture, religion, and traditions.

We are witnessing a slow-motion erosion of our country.

The Labour-Conservative political seesaw

British Election System: The Labour-Conservative Political Seesaw
The Labour-Conservative Political Seesaw

Voting for either of these political parties will only result in the other one bouncing back in the future.

You are giving them a democratic mandate to continue the replacement of us in our ancestral homeland.

One reason Corbyn has become popular is because the Tories have been in power since 2010.

The way to beat anti-British parties is to never vote for them, no matter what bribes they offer you.

In the latest general election (2017), the Tories bribed the British public with ‘delivering Brexit’.

Practically the whole of the Conservative manifesto was withdrawn straight after the Conservative victory because of Labour pressure.

Corbyn conned the public with the sound bite that ‘freedom of movement’ will end.

He was trying to give the impression that he has concerns about immigration.

However, Jeremy Corbyn wants no restriction on immigration whatsoever.

In 2016, Mr Corbyn said that all Calais migrants should be given the chance to come to Britain.

He seems to have forgotten that we have 1.2 million people on social housing waiting lists.

In addition, there is nothing to stop Calais migrants from walking into a French police station and claiming asylum.

Who are you actually voting for?

British Election System: In 2010, after 13 years in power, Labour admit there is no money left..
Liam Byrne, Labour’s chief secretary to the Treasury under Gordon Brown, left this note for his successor after Labour lost the general election in 2010.

If you vote Labour, then eventually the Conservatives will win.

Whenever Labour gets into power, they always increase immigration, break their election promises and go on a wild spending spree.

The last Labour government left this country one trillion pounds in debt and brought in millions of immigrants.

Eventually, the British public will tire of this and vote the Conservatives into power.

So your vote for Labour will ultimately bring the Conservatives to power.

If you vote Conservative, then eventually Labour will win.

Whenever the Conservatives gain power, they break their promises about immigration and then start attacking the poor and the sick.

Eventually, the British public tire of this and vote Labour into power.

So your vote for the Conservatives will ultimately bring the Labour Party to power.

Conclusion: The British election system favours anti-British political parties

Both the main parties favour more immigration, and they will do nothing to stop the Islamisation of Britain.

There is little difference between Labour and the Conservatives on the above issues.

Therefore eventually, a vote for Labour is the same as a vote for the Conservatives and vice versa.

British election system: immigration is out of control
Labour and the Conservatives have no intention of stopping immigration

It’s time to stop the political seesaw of Labour-Conservative.

If people want to change the British election system then they must vote for change.

At the core of BNP policy is the belief that immigration must be stopped until further notice.

Additionally, the British National Party has a policy on stopping the Islamisation of Britain.

If there isn’t a BNP candidate to vote for in your area just write “vote BNP” across your ballot paper.

Or even better, put yourself forward to stand in an election for the British National Party.

Let’s change the British election system by voting for neither the anti-British Labour Party nor the anti-British Conservatives.

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