Labour Party wants to ban criticism of Islam

Rushanara Ali election leaflet
This was an election leaflet sent to voters in the constituency of Bethnal Green & Bow by Labour MP, Rushanara Ali

A Labour MP called Rushanara Ali (who was born in Bangladesh) wants to ban criticism of Islam.

She has been on the news, demanding that the government ban marches by what she describes as ‘far-right’ groups.

It would seem that, according to her, anybody who doesn’t agree with Islam should have their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom to protest revoked.

That was her reaction to the crackpot who used a van to run over some innocent Muslim pedestrians, who were peacefully going about their business, coming out of the Finsbury Park mosque, which is best-known for its former imam, the hook-handed Abu Hamza.

Outside Finsbury Park mosque

Others amongst its congregation have been the shoe bomber, Richard Reid.

Also Zacarias Moussaoui, who was one of the 9/11 terrorists.

Plus Mohammed Sidique Khan, one of the four London Underground suicide bombers from July 7th, 2005.

And remember that person, who was arrested for posting videos of himself driving around, celebrating Lee Rigby’s murder?

He was a regular at the Finsbury Park mosque as well.

The Finsbury Park mosque attack was wrong.

Violence is wrong.

Trying to stop all criticism of Islam is also wrong.

This attack makes it more difficult for others to argue the case for opposing the Islamification of Britain.

I don’t like the way the news is portraying Finsbury Park Mosque as just your average, peace-loving kind of place.

Why does this Labour MP want anti-Islamist expression to be unlawful?

Let’s put the Finsbury Park mosque attack into perspective.

Last weekend around a thousand Muslims marched through London for Al-Quds Day.

Oh, you didn’t see that on the news?

This annual march is a pro-Palestinian event, which was started in Iran in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Do you remember him?

He killed thousands of his own people for not believing in Allah as much as he did.

He loved to hang people for believing in democracy or for being gay; Muslims don’t like gays.

The Al-Quds Day march is essentially an expression of hatred of Israel and Jews. 

The marchers in London waved the flag of Hezbollah, a proscribed terrorist organisation.

The police did nothing, presumably because they were ordered not to.

They didn’t even intervene when one speaker blamed the Grenfell Tower disaster on the Jews.

You would have thought that the latest Muslim atrocities in London would have prodded the Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan to cancel the Muslim terrorism march on the grounds of good taste.

But no!

Rushanara Ali did not condemn the London demonstration.

So, it appears that Muslims are allowed to support terrorism on the streets of London, and the Labour Party thinks it’s okay.

Well, it isn’t!



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