No guilt – no slavery reparations

The British working class were treated worse than expensive black slaves

You are at risk of being forced to pay for the fact that a handful of super wealthy 18th-century fat cats got part of their wealth from the slave trade.

An international conference of Caribbean States is stepping up its campaign to force British taxpayers to fork out £multi-billion compensation claims for the slave trade.

Back in 2014, the BNP was quick to attack the proposal, which was the brainchild of Martyn Day, the anti-British Labour Party supporting lawyer.

Just a year previously, Martyn Day made a fortune helping former Mau Mau terrorists screw compensation from the UK over their tough treatment during the suppression of their brutally subhuman terror campaign in Kenya fifty years ago.

“When the British upper classes were involved in slavery, they also had our ancestors working in even worse conditions as children were sent down mines or up chimneys.

“The treatment of white wage slaves was much worse than that of black slaves because the latter were valuable assets which were valued and looked after.

“Slavery was morally wrong, but most slaves were looked after,  whereas our people were expendable and worked to death”, said BNP Press Officer, David Furness, in response to the news.

“Furthermore, it was Britain and the British navy that stopped slavery. Why should we pay for an evil that involved many others, including African chiefs, Muslim Arabs, and Jewish intermediaries?

“It’s just one more example of foreigners taking advantage of Soft Touch Britain, and of out-of-touch upper-class politicians and lawyers making money off the backs of the primary victims of exploitation in Britain today – the poor bloody taxpayer!”



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