bnp_handful_of_money_0Multiculturalism has been touted as a means to merge many different cultures so we can all live together as one big happy family on Earth.

Of course we all know this is total insanity. We have all seen that, despite attempts to integrate all the differing cultures of this country, a few have decided that theirs will be the dominant one at the expense of all the others. They work only to push their culture onto us and override our laws, our religions and even our daily lives.

There is only one REAL reason for Multiculturalism: Big business.

Imagine you own a large business and you want to make even more money than the already obscene amounts of profit you already make. You believe that you have several choices to cut costs.

1. Reduce your workforce and thereby reduce your costs in wages.

2. Cut wages to reduce costs.

3. Increase the workload to improve productivity.

4. Increase the hours to improve productivity.

5. Increase prices for your product.

6. Get rid of the fat cats.

Let’s break it down and figure out why none of these options are acceptable to you:

1. Reducing your workforce would reduce productivity. With less workers, the output would be reduced which means reduced sales and inability to meet demand.

2. Cutting wages would effectively reduce the workforce. More employees would find work elsewhere that pays more.

3. Chances are your workforce is already working to capacity, increasing the workload would only result in targets not being met. The overall result is no change.

4. Increasing hours isn’t feasible since you still have to pay wages for those extra hours. It also has the undesired effect of pushing the workforce into other jobs with less hours so we would be back to reducing the workforce again.

5. This would only result in less sales and a net reduction in profits.

6. Many fat cats are major investors who have negotiated a high salaried position in return for their investment. Remove them and they’ll take their investment with them.

Enter ‘Multiculturalism’.

The Utopian ideology that we can all live together as one race regardless of differences. Now you CAN reduce wages and still have the workforce you need. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda, it’s all about increasing the workforce to drive down wages.

With so many people fighting over the few available jobs, for every person that turns your low paid slave position down, a thousand will be willing to take it since they have no other means of income.

With the welfare system overloaded and teetering on total collapse, the government is using every means possible to reduce the amount it pays out to the unemployed. Of course, certain groups are protected since it would be too easy for them to leave the country which leaves you in the same position we were in before mass immigration started. That means the British people who have paid into the system in the form of taxes and have no option but to remain are the ones who will see their benefits cut to the bone and beyond.

Okay, we all now know why Multiculture (AKA mass immigration) was created, but what else can be done to prevent big business forcing unwanted masses on us in order to drive wages down?

There are several options here for a fair and reasonable government to adopt. Not a government who works only for the rich but one who works for everyone.

• Much higher corporate taxes for companies whose profits are excessive.

• A fair minimum wage level that is consistent with a liveable wage.

• Caps on prices for essential goods and services such as Gas, Electricity etc.

• Caps on wage/dividend rises for management, executives, and shareholders.

• An alternative to the percentage wage increase that currently has a logarithmic effect on wage differences.

• Pro rata wage payments for fat cats who only attend meetings twice a year for a couple of hours and yet contribute nothing for their excessive incomes. Ie: Your £250K per annum now equals just under £481 for the 4 hours you worked this year.

• High salaried executives to justify their position and wage to prevent highly paid paper plane manufacturers.

The first and last two of these work in unison. Excessive profits are often siphoned off in the form of unwarranted salaries to top executives and fat cats who are related to the owners.

There are many who would argue that this would drive business away from the UK. However, the reverse is actually true.

With caps on dividend rises, companies could profit more by not having to pay extortion money to shareholders who frequently demand more and more in dividends in return for their investment.

In addition, many fat cats are despised by business owners and workers alike, these are usually shareholders who have negotiated a hefty annual income in return for their investment. At present, they have only to justify their position by attending a meeting every 6 months and as a major shareholder, they often hold the company to ransom for huge pay rises.

In return, the same government could offer low interest loans in place of shareholder investments. Alternatively, a low dividend investment in return for non-voting shares. These loan interest payments and dividends would add to the government tax kitty and serve to reduce the need for stealth taxes and reduce the income tax.

This reduction of income tax also benefits the high wage earners as much as the low wage earners. Now, instead of the investors becoming rich, the government gets all the dividend payments and everyone benefits from it.

So now you can see that a system can be created to benefit the workers, the bosses, the government and even the businesses themselves.



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