Homosexuality – where does the BNP stand?

Christians being persecuted by the anti-British Equality Commission and homosexual activists has led many people to ask about the British nationalist attitude to homosexuality.

The discrimination award against the Christians also led millions to conclude that the pendulum has swung too far.

From the bad old days of persecuting people because of their privately expressed sexuality, the State now persecutes people for their religious beliefs and for asserting the right to decide who to let into their homes.

So here we look at the sensible nationalist way between the two extremes.

Is the BNP against homosexuals?

No. We have some gay members.

We recognise the clear scientific evidence that most homosexuals are born rather than made, and we believe it would be wrong to punish or discriminate against people for being the way they are.

We reject the Politically Correct fiction that homosexuality is a healthy ‘lifestyle choice’. It is not.

It is something we tolerate rather than celebrate, recognising the extensive medical evidence is that homosexuality is linked to a higher risk of various health problems.

The persecution of homosexuals was a cruel wrong, but these days the real issue is the persecution of Christians and others with conscience-derived reservations about homosexuality or the undermining of the sanctity of marriage.


But doesn’t traditional religion condemn homosexuality as wrong? 

Yes, but what goes on between consenting adults in private is a matter for them and them alone.

A State that claims the right to peer into peoples’ bedrooms is far too powerful – a threat to all of us.

Such an over-mighty State is completely alien to the English political tradition, so it has no place within the ideology of British nationalism.

Equally, we expect homosexuals to practice self-restraint and keep it a private matter.

The triumphalist promotion of homosexuality in the broadcast media and moves to teach it to young children must be stopped in order to restore a healthy balance.


Why do you oppose gay marriage?

Heterosexual marriage is an institution whose primary purpose is to provide the best possible conditions for bringing up children.

Statistics on the health, safety and achievements of children show that those reared in homes with two married parents fare better, on average, than those in less stable circumstances.

Since heterosexual marriage is best for children, the nation state has a duty to encourage marriage and to defend it from those who would undermine it by relativising or trivialising it.

Marriage and having children within a married family should be encouraged not only through financial benefits such as Family Credit and tax breaks, but also through being held up as the ideal.


Isn’t discrimination wrong?

No! Because what is now condemned as ‘discrimination’ would be recognised in any healthy society as the right to freedom of association – a cornerstone of a free and democratic society.

Allegations of ‘discrimination’ are a key weapon in the arsenal of a cynical drive by Marxist would-be revolutionaries to build a ‘rainbow coalition’ of supposedly aggrieved minorities in order to attack and destroy Western society and Christianity.

The right to discriminate has nothing to do with ‘homophobia’.

Many non-leftists want the right to exclude heterosexuals from gay clubs and such like.

More and more are also coming to realise that the real threat to gay people in modern Britain comes not from the nationalist insistence that they should keep it to themselves, but from radical Muslims who believe their should be stoned to death.

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