Beware the Brexit Party

Beware of the Brexit Party: Nigel Farage looking shocked

Beware the Brexit Party. As we know, the media once heavily backed UKIP to distract voters from the success of the British National Party.

The strategy worked, and UKIP came out top in the 2014 European parliamentary poll. Fearing the loss of more Tory votes, David Cameron was prompted to offer a referendum on membership of the EU, which he of course lost.

However, the failure of the Tories to deliver Brexit on-time and on-budget led to the embarrassing spectacle of the UK taking part in this year’s Euro elections, some three years after our vote to exit the European Union.

Understandably, voter frustration manifested itself in the shape of the Brexit Party, headed by the familiar face of Farage.

But what do we know about the Brexit Party?

Among their winning candidates in this year’s European elections include Claire Fox, a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP).

Indeed, her selection as the leading candidate in the north-west prompted another Brexit Party candidate, Sally Bate, to quit the same list in protest over Fox’s refusal to condemn the IRA’s despicable bombing of Warrington in 1993.

Brexit Party MEP candidates James Heartfield and Alka Sehgal Cuthbert were also members of the Revolutionary Communist Party. The RCP advocated lifting all restrictions on immigration and basically abandoning British industry.

Furthermore, the radical libertarianism of RCP members has been used to defend the distribution of child pornography.

What is Nigel Farage up to?

Devout Trotskyists such as Claire Fox, and other members of the Institute of Ideas (another incarnation of the RCP), seek to hijack any passing anti-establishment movement, by using a political strategy known as entryism, to push their militant-Marxist message. Under their own banner, communist parties have never succeeded electorally in this country.

The Institute of Ideas seeks to influence and subvert our public institutions. From the media to museums, from the church to our universities, the institute receives funding from ‘respectable’ organisations.

But the fact is, these Leninist tactics are working. For far too long, the radical leftists have been claiming policy victories, as the mainstream parties bend to their will.

We at the British National Party will not allow these extremists to corrupt our message of hope; we will continue to defend our British way of life. Be part of it.

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