The Great Brexit Border Betrayal

Brexit Border Betrayal: Tory proposals for the post-Brexit immigration system are “worse than useless” and will almost certainly permit a mass expansion of the number of foreign workers entering our job market, according to Migration Watch UK. Rather than taking back control of our borders, the Government is proposing to expand the free movement of labour from within the EU to the whole world!

The Government quietly released The UK’s future skills-based immigration system White Paper last December, and according to Migration Watch, it contains “no significant proposals for reducing immigration” at all, which at the present rate is over 270,000 a year.

The population of Derby is roughly 270,000. It takes over 30 square miles to house a community of this magnitude.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP proposes removing any limit on the number of ‘skilled’ migrants from any continent. He also wants to abolish the requirement that employers in the UK should advertise their vacancies at home first. It is also desired that there will be no cap on unskilled labour pouring into the county. In addition, the plans permit the arrival of dependants of migrant workers and their inevitable settlement in the UK.

Record levels of immigration

The previous Labour Government ushered in unprecedented levels of immigration as 3.6 million foreigners arrived here under their rule. A Tory manifesto promise in 2010 to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands was a cynical deception. As EU membership would never allow us to control our borders, immigration reached record levels under Cameron and May.

Indeed, it’s only since the British People’s Vote to leave the EU that a noticeable drop in migration has occurred. But as the Government’s White Paper reveals, any welcome trend will be abandoned in favour of a mass influx of unskilled non-Europeans.

You can help prevent this Brexit border betrayal by supporting the British National Party today. Because defending our borders is defending our history — and our future!



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