Parsons Green could have been prevented

The terror attack today in Parsons Green, west London, has once again underscored the pressing need for radical action to be taken to prevent Islamist terror attacks in Britain.

The government has failed to introduce any critical and effective long-term measures whatsoever.

Even after Theresa May adopted the BNP mantra ‘Enough is enough’, and claimed that she was getting tough on Islamist terror following the suicide nail bombing of a children’s concert in Manchester, nothing has been done, and all the responsibility for protecting British lives has been piled on our already over-stretched security services.

Inaction by the British government to root out the known 25,000 Islamist jihadis known to security services means that the British Government is guilty of harbouring terrorists.

The BNP is the ONLY political party which has drafted a comprehensive ten-point plan to tackle the critical threat of Islamist terror and protect the lives of British citizens.

Read the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror here.

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The BNP has set a precedent in British politics once again – the question now stands, how long is it going to take the lame Establishment political parties to catch up?

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