Lincolnshire BNP based around Louth in the county are to release two exclusive full-colour local leaflets which aim to win the challenging political battle that is ahead.

For 5 months the team in Lincolnshire have focused on how the Party locally is to communicate it’s policies and political arguments.

In Lincolnshire, a test study has taken place with a carefully selected audience comprised of 3 specific test groups.

The results of this groundbreaking work aimed at exploring and testing election strategy have proved to be a very positive exercise.

What is clear is that voters and the electorate as a whole feel the political elite have reduced political debate to mindless slogans. Political parties have been driven away from their convictions to the same timid middle ground and respondents stated they were tired of safe packaged answers from the main  political parties.

Over 220 individuals spoken to, heaped praise on BNP policies and our desire of needing to act for the good of our country.

Almost all respondents agreed that the BNP need to build an alternative agenda around the politics of trust. All respondents stated that politicians were perceived as shady and untrustworthy and in Lincolnshire a vote for UKIP had changed absolutely nothing.

Only 10% of those sampled were satisfied by the efforts of their respective Lincolnshire County Councillor and only 15% could recall any positive action taken by their local councillor which benefited their town or village.

20% of those sampled who had voted for UKIP in previous elections would now vote BNP in future elections but this figure rose to 45% if no UKIP candidate was offered as a choice.>

In Lincolnshire, it was agreed an angry climate exists created by unrestricted migration and latterly by Islamic Terror attacks. Surprisingly 40% of respondents stated that the cost of living and the economy was not their primary concern.

60% of Lincolnshire voters now felt anxieties about public services including the NHS and asylum seekers with Immigration generally was their primary concern

90% stated BREXIT should mean BREXIT and chillingly in similar numbers they feared the building of a mosque in their neighbourhood as a major concern.

When the live issue of the crisis in the Mediterranean was discussed almost all respondents stated that they wanted the boats either turned back or stopped. Respondents mostly agreed that too many of these ‘Mediterranean Sea Migrants’ are of military age – fighting men, some of which were the of causing acts of terror.

Most crucially Lincolnshire BNP found that UKIP voters sampled would be more likely to switch to BNP because of the Referendum result. Incredibly this group all agreed that radical Muslim terrorists are today more intent ( thanks to an open door on immigration) on destroying our culture and civilisation

The Lincolnshire County Council policy of switching off streetlights and the cuts in local public services proved to be a universally controversial issue. BNP policy on investment in our road network and the priority repair of Lincolnshire’s shattered rural roads proved to be a welcome and winning policy.

Potholes proved to be one of the most voracious complaints as Lincolnshire’s roads are devastated.  Lincolnshire County Council have been given £1.8M for pothole repairs which are the highest share of extra funding in the East Midlands. This government has earmarked £250M for a Pothole Action Fund to repair 4 million potholes by 2020/21.

95% of answers confirmed the view of the BNP that the roads were indeed in an appalling condition and in Lincolnshire, the point had reached where deep holes such as the one featured in this report were common place on every stretch of the road network.

100% of respondents commented that they had not seen any major refurbishment repair work on any highway in Lincolnshire or any police officer on patrol in the previous 14 days.

All respondents favoured our view on ceasing all foreign aid until Britain’s roads are reconstructed and in Lincolnshire rising road deaths illustrate how pivotal the lack of action by Council’s prior to this winter is a threat to all road users.

Combined with these answers respondents feared that there is indeed a reservoir of radicalised Muslims in the UK and that all political parties remain in denial. It was only the BNP which offered genuine hope and any leaflet produced locally should emphasise the fact that the BNP have been ‘so right on so many issues.’

The set of new Lincolnshire leaflets crafted with supporters real input will be available and distributed in the county from September 18.

Write to us at: Lincolnshire BNP, PO Box 9128, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 9DD




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