Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

The BNP sends warm greetings to all our members and supporters of Irish descent around the world.

Today millions, regardless of Irish ancestry or not, will celebrate the Irish patron saints day which, up until the late 20th Century was celebrated more in the Irish diaspora than it was in Ireland.

No doubt there’ll be a sea of green in many a pub, novelty Guinness hats galore and beer swigging-a-plenty.

But what’s it all about?

St Patrick’s Day commemorates the life and accomplishments of a Christian missionary credited with converting the pagan Irish to Christianity.

Patrick was a Roman-British missionary and bishop in Ireland.

The three-leafed clover, also known as the shamrock, is said to have been used by St Patrick to describe the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.

He’s believed to have been born in Britain in the fourth century to a Christian deacon from a wealthy Romano-British family.

According to an ancient account in the Declaration  (a volume which was allegedly written by Patrick himself), he was kidnapped at the age of sixteen by Irish raiders and taken to Gaelic Ireland as a slave where he spent six years labouring as a shepherd.

Having received a message from God to escape his captivity, he did so and returned to Britain where he became a priest but returned to convert the pagan Irish.

According to one account, it was his efforts against the Druids that led to the allegorical tale in which he ran the ‘snakes’ out of Ireland since Ireland never had snakes.



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