Fixed Term Parliaments Act is an abomination

The Fixed Term Parliaments Act (FTPA) 2011 is an abomination.

The FTPA takes away the Prime Minister’s power to call a General Election at a date of their choosing.

Instead, the Act states a parliament will last for five years unless two-thirds of MPs vote for an early election.

Additionally, an early election can occur if MPs back a vote of no confidence in the government and 14 days elapse without an alternative administration gaining that confidence.

The Coalition Government (2010-2015) introduced the FTPA

Fixed term Parliaments Act: David Cameron and Nick Clegg outside 10 Downing Street
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Coalition Government, Nick Clegg (right) insisted on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act to keep the Lib Dems in power.

The Liberal Democrats insisted on it because they wanted to keep themselves in power.

The FTPA curbed David Cameron’s right to call a General Election.

Therefore, the country had to endure five years of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition!

The Fixed Term Parliaments Act is now stopping Boris Johnson from getting a General Election, which is the way forward.

Supporters of the FTPA argued that a Prime Minister choosing the date of a general election is unfair because it would give the government an added advantage.

Critics of the FTPA argued that a fixed-term Parliament would not be appropriate if there’s a mid-term change of Prime Minister or if there’s an unworkable parliamentary balance.

So, the critics were right!

The Fixed Term Parliaments Act is responsible for the current deadlock in Parliament.

The assumption was that an opposition party would never turn down the chance to get rid of the sitting government.

However, those assumptions were wrong because Jeremy Corbyn is scared of a General Election.

This odious piece of legislation was co-sponsored by Nick Clegg, the former Deputy Prime Minister in the nauseating Coalition Government. 

He had an obsession with the British National Party.

After he lost his seat in Parliament, he accepted a job with Facebook in the USA. 

Shortly afterward, Facebook banned the BNP. Coincidence? I think not!

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