Diversity classes teach children to treat stab wounds

Children in Britain are now being trained in how to deliver first aid to stab victims as a result of the politicians’ failed social engineering disaster – Multiculturalism.

Knife crime has soared in Britain in recent years, with the Sadiq Kahn’s London surpassing New York levels of crime and becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the World.

Data Analysed by Channel 4 has found that the number of children being treated at hospital in the politicians’ ‘Multicultural’ Britain with stab wounds has nearly doubled in five years and risen to its highest level of all time on record.

In response, a charity run by Street Doctors are teaching school children how to deliver first aid to stabbing victims through role play, and learn how to stem blood loss, reports The Times.

Police chiefs have called for increased powers to stop and search those suspected of carrying weapons.

Police powers to do so were restricted in 2013 by then-Home Secretary Theresa May on grounds that because Blacks were disproportionately committing crimes and therefore being stopped and searched more often, her government would be attacked by her political class peers as being ‘racist’.

The politicians are so terrified of their peers calling them names, that they are prepared to sacrifice the lives of children to prevent it.

The reality is that when introducing alien cultures into a monocultural society, rather than the new arrivals taking up their culture of the existing society and population, they bring with them and force on the existing society and population their own.

Combining various average levels of IQ, racial and ethnic differences, religious and cultural norms to create a society a harmonious as a long-established ethnically homogenous and monocultural society is an impossibility.

It’s a fact entire lost on and ignored by a political class which acts in accordance with their globalist paymasters’ wishes.

The BNP is different. The BNP is about putting the interests of the British people first in Britain every time.

That’s why we have radical common sense policies in place to do just that:

1/ Stop ALL immigration

Multiculturalism in societies results in mass division along countless faultiness of identity including race, ethnicity, religion and culture. As a result, young people seek groups and gangs with which to identify resulting in a breakdown of societal and community cohesion. Multiculturalism is the death of a nation.

Even the politicians have admitted that their Multiculturalism project has been a catastrophic failure. 

2/ End Politically Correct

Identify and remove all Politically Correct police chiefs and heads of authority. Restore Stop-and-Search policing methods.

The BNP believes that the problem of lives being lost is a far more serious than that of people having their feelings hurt.

The BNP is the ONLY political party comprising of ordinary people like you.

That’s why the BNP policy is a manifesto of common sense policies designed to put the interests of the British people in Britain first every time.

Isn’t it time you stood for what’s right?

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