After years of protest, two applications being successfully overturned by the BNP team of Dagenham and the local people, the Labour-run council has forced through a third application to convert Dagenham Post Office into a mosque.

“It’s yet another betrayal by the Labour Party,” local BNP organiser, Paul Sturdy, told journalists at the scene.

“It’s estimated that in nearby Newham Borough there are already over one hundred mosques for Muslims to worship in, the fact that the Muslim community is being permitted yet another, is an example of their unreasonable demands and Labour’s agenda of putting Muslim interests before those of the British people.

“There’s another concern that we have put to the Council; a brand new big pub recently opened opposite, with cultural tensions at an all-time high, this is a recipe for potential confrontation – naturally, something we all want to avoid at all costs.”

The BNP successfully campaigned against the mosque conversion in 2012 and the second application in 2014.

Despite dozens of consultations, public meetings, petitions against the proposal, and broken promises by Labour Councillors, the Labour Council has submitted to the Muslim community and handed it Dagenham Post Office.

The BNP is campaigning for ‘No More Mosques’. All future mosque applications for new-build mosques and conversions of existing building into mosques would be turned down on the grounds that Muslims in Britain have enough mosques to worship in already.

The fact that the Labour Party and the whole rotten political Establishment is submitting to all Muslim demands, not only highlights their cowardice and total surrender to Islamic colonisation of Britain, but suggests that huge number of Muslims are still entering Britain by taking advantage of the politicians’ shambolic Immigration system.

The BNP is demanding a National Security Moratorium, stopping all further immigration into Britain until we can deport all illegals and secure our borders.

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